Friday, October 23, 2009

Ski/Board Program 2010

This program is now full. Contact me if you would like to be on the waiting list.

Edited to correct the date of the third lesson from February 28 to January 28

Hello Everyone,

Its that time of the year again. I am starting to get organized for this year's ski program. I have booked ski lessons on 4 consecutive Thursdays for the North Okanagan Homelearners as follows:

Thursday 14th January @ 10:00 AM

Thursday 21st January @ 10:00 AM

Thursday 28th January@ 10:00 AM

Thursday 4th February @ 10:00 AM

The rates are the same as last year:

Lesson: $10
Lift/lesson: $17
Lift/lesson/Rental skiing: $22
Lift/lesson/rental boarding: $27

Cross Country
Lesson $10
Lesson/Track $12
Lesson/track/rental $14

Parents MUST be helping to obtain these rates:

Lift $25
Rental skiing $10
Rental boarding $13
Track ticket $12
Rental track $2

Based on my experiences I have decided to make some changes. I will be capping the ski/board program at 60 participants. This is about how many we had last year and I found those numbers much more manageable. We will have some room for drop-ins as there are usually cancellations. The sooner you contact me about it, the better chance I can accommodate you.

For anyone who has not participated before, this is the same program offered to children in the public school system. Participants get a 1 hour lesson at 10am or 11am and then are free to ski for the rest of the day but after the lesson, they are no longer the responsibility of their teachers. Lessons are group lessons. Ability is assessed by instructors and groups are divided by ability.

As space is limited, contact me as soon as possible. ( 250-503-5416)

After I have gathered everyone interested, all further information will come via e-mail.

Looking forward to long warm days in the cafeteria knitting and crocheting while all of you ski!
Andrea Clarke

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