Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dance Classes at the Inner World School

Inner World School


For Our Youngest Dancers

(and a parent)

Creative Movement for ages 18 months – 2.5 years and a parent or caregiver

You are never too young (or too old) to move to the music and express yourself through dance. Parents and their toddlers will wiggle, jump, somersault and dance in this fun class. With developmentally appropriate activities we will work on coordination, rhythm and muscle development, experience lots of different kinds of music and have a lot of fun! Come and join us!

6 sessions for $40.00

Tuesdays, January 19 – February 23


For Our Young Dancers

Come have fun! We play games, explore different styles of dance and different kinds of music in this class for children aged 3 – 5. We will work on coordination, gracefulness and self-esteem. The emphasis will be on creativity and supporting the young dancers in discovering and connecting to their own inner expression. Our 12 week session (see below) culminates in a magical performance choreographed by the teacher and the dancers

Creative Movement for ages 3 – 5

6 sessions for $60.00

Tuesdays, January 19 – February 23

1 – 2pm

12 sessions for $120.00

Thursdays, March 4 – May 20

2 – 3pm

For Our Young Ballerinas

This beginning ballet class is about connecting children with the real beauty and art of ballet and encouraging the creativity and natural talent of the dancers. We go on a journey deeper into the passion, the discipline, the beauty and the art of ballet. We use the technique of this dance form to explore self-expression and learn more about dance in general. This class will culminate in a performance that the students will choreograph together and with the teacher.

Creative Ballet for ages 6 – 10

12 sessions for $120.00

Thursdays, March 4 – May 20

3:15 – 4:15pm

All classes facilitated by

Andrea Clarke

All our dance classes are held at the Inner Light Yoga Studio at

2807 – 44 Avenue

(above the Red Cross office)

To register call Andrea at: 250-503-5416 or e-mail:


Andrea Clarke is passionate about dance. She formally studied ballet for almost 10 years. Watching her 3 daughters grow and develop led her to understand that children naturally dance and that they can execute even complicated steps from simply observing and copying – as with many other physical skills. Her dance classes are based on this philosophy – teaching basics in coordination, physical development and dance form and exposing children to recorded and live dance performances. She encourages children to find their own rhythm and expression and uses dance to access and express their Inner World. The dance performances that she choreographs with the children incorporate the children’s ideas and highlights each dancers own unique style and interpretation.

Come and join our next class!

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