Friday, February 4, 2011


FEBRUARY 19-20, 2011.

The special family 4-pack for $50 has been extended, and will be available right through to the day of the show.

"How the Gimquat Found Her Song" is a one-hour show aimed at kids between the ages of 2 and 12 and their families. The show was created and developed by Platypus Theatre, an Ottawa-based acting company.

The show is a musical play involving two actors and orchestra. One actor,
(Peter Duschenes, the principal of Platypus Theatre and co-creator of the
show) portrays a magician and the other (Emmanuelle Zeesman) is in fact a
puppeteer in all-black animating a large big-bird like puppet aka the
Gimquat. Much of the story is told in rhyming couplets by the Magician, who also serves a narrative function.

The Gimquat is in search of a song - a personal voice - at present she is
ashamed of hers. The magician helps her in this quest by taking the two of
them back in time to investigate music of different times to find a voice
for her. They visit a cathedral, where the monks are intoning a Gregorian
Chant (in fact sung by the musicians of the orchestra). They visit a lively
renaissance marketplace and hear a tordion played by flute and drum. They
visit the times and music of Bach, Mozart and Berlioz, then on to Offenbach
and so on through to a rap song.

In one sentence, the show is a music history lesson encapsulated in a
journey of self-discovery for the bird, a sassy, spirited character to whom
children relate unreservedly.

Sunday 20 February at the Vernon Performing ArtsCentre, Vernon, 1:30 pm
Early bird family special - if purchased by Wednesday 9 February - 4tickets for $50 Ticket price after 9 February - Adults $30, Senior $21Youth $17. Family pack of four: $69.Look forward to seeing you there!

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