Monday, May 7, 2012

Vancouver Aquarium Sleepover Program - FULL

Hi everyone,

Marcie and I are organizing another trip to the Vancouver Aquarium to do the sleepover program. We did this last year and it was amazing! This year I think we will ask them to do a program on dolphins and possibly Beluga Whales.

We would like to organize this as soon as possible but do our visit in
Mid-September. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested and can commit to this time frame. (We won’t have an exact date until we have the numbers and can start to do the booking process)

Please contact me at if you are serious about wanting to do this so we can see if we have the 25 people needed for this to go ahead. We will probably cap the attendees at 30-35 people though.  I will need to know how many people including parents will be attending and also the ages of your children.

*SelfDesign will cover the cost if you get your cheque requests in very soon. In the past they made cheques payable to the parent organizer, Marcie, and then she paid the Aquarium with one cheque. You can also pay Marcie with a personal cheque if you choose.

I have pasted some of the pertinent info here:

Program Includes
Aquarium Admission.
Evening snack & morning breakfast.
12.0 hours Sleepover Program.

Minimum age: 6 years old
Group Size: Minimum of 25 participants
Cost: $77 per participant plus HST
Off Season Rate
January 01 – March 31 and July 1 – December 31: $66.00 per person plus HST
All prices are in Canadian funds.
Coupons, passes & other discounts are not valid.

Sleeping Area
Participants sleep on carpet floors within one of our galleries: Wild Coast,
Pacific Canada, Arctic Canada, and the Tropic Zone.
Sleeping areas are booked based on availability. Bed time is at 12:15.
Washrooms are available, no showers facilities available.

Gear cannot be stored before/after your program.(It can be stored during our
program) Please pack lightly.
Each Participant should be able to carry his or her own gear.
Sleeping Bag Pillow Warm clothes Sleeping Pad Toiletries Camera
Flashlights are not necessary.

Aquarium staff members are both male & female. All staff is First Aid Certified
and have Criminal Records checked. Supervising adults are responsible for group
management and disciplinary action if necessary.

Aquarium Policies
Please inform us of any special concerns (Disabilities/medical
conditions/behavior problems)
Food & Drink may not be brought into the Aquarium. Smoking is not permitted in
Stanley Park as of Sept. 01st, 2010.
Facility re-entry is not permitted during the program. Parking passes are valid
only during the program.

Aquarium Galleries
The Aquarium & Gift Shop open at 9:30am. Please have your hand stamped by the
coordinator to re-enter through the main doors.

Eco-system Expedition for School Groups and Community Groups

A unique overnight adventure for all students!

After the Aquarium has closed its' doors for the evening, bring your sleeping
bag for a special night of discovery and learning. Our Sleepover guides will
lead your class on an exciting 12 hour voyage to 3 corners of the world focusing
on various ways animals, plants and humans interact within each ecosystem.

Invertebrate Lab: Study seashore ecology and British Columbia's four major
marine invertebrate phyla more deeply in this live, hands-on intertidal marine
biology lab. Based on the education curriculum we will be focusing on animals
from the Cnydria, Mollusca, Arthropoda and Echinodermata. Such invertebrates
you'll meet are sea anemones, swimming scallops, various crabs, sea stars and
much more!

Before continuing on the second half of your adventure, enjoy a light snack. We
will have meat and cheese platter, buns and crackers, veggie platter with dip,
and fruit trays with dip. Also we will have fruit juice for the kids and lots of
tea/coffee for the adults.

Eco-system Guided Tour

Dive into three different eco-systems as you travel all around the world under
one roof at the Vancouver Aquarium. Learn about various animals, habitats, and
how everything fits together.

At 12:30 am lull to sleep in front of Pacific Canada's story-high underwater
realm or dream with majestic whales. After a light morning breakfast, tour the
Marine Mammal Deck and Amazon Free Flight Gallery as the Aquarium awakens for a
new day. Your journey concludes at 9:00 am as you gather your gear and head for

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