Monday, June 2, 2008

Kal Beach Tomorrow

It was decided at the meeting on Friday night that we will try meeting at a beach this week.
Tuesday (tomorrow) at Kal Beach
The way it's worked in the past is you show up when it's convenient for you. And we sort of count on someone being there between those hours, sometimes arriving earlier, sometimes staying later.
Now the forecast is for rain. Are you planning to go? Can you leave a comment whether or not you plan to go are so that others know what to expect?
Also, Karry asked me to post a comment of hers from the meeting regarding TV. I didn't know where to put it, but I'll put it in the comments here.


Mary-Sue said...

If it's pouring relentlessly, we won't be going. I'll comment tomorrow when I see how it looks.

julie said...

We plan to go if it's not raining - probably around 11:30.

Amanda said...

As long as it is not raining we will be there.

Kathy said...

We are planning to go unless it's raining. Probably will be there around 11:30.

karen said...

We'll be there as long as it isn't raining.

Andrea said...

Same here, we'll be there if it isn't raining. So far, at 7am, it looks like a gorgeous day.