Monday, June 14, 2010

One-day Meditation workshop

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Heidi Thompson asked that I post this.

Cool, Calm and Collected

Workshop teaches young people how to focus

On Monday, July 5th, the B.C. Vipassana Foundation is offering an Anapana workshop aimed to help young people develop their attention skills and gain understanding about how their thoughts and actions are interconnected. Although the ancient technique of Anapana has been used to help young and old for centuries, it has become increasingly popular in North America over the past few years. Courses have been conducted worldwide – from Canada to England, India, France, Japan, USA and Australia. This will be the first official course offered in the Okanagan.

Translated, Anapana, means “observing the breath with awareness”. This simple, yet effective technique is taught to children 8 and 12 years old and to teens from 13 - 17 years. By simply feeling the touch of the breath as one breathes in and out, the mind becomes focussed, attentive and calm.

Very quickly, students gain control over their wandering thoughts, and experience a sense of mastery as they can, at will, regain their focus. Once the mind is balanced, students gain control over their actions, which allows them to make positive choices, rather than acting compulsively out of agitation or habit.

In many cultures, Anapana is such an important aspect of education, it is taught in schools, usually at the beginning of the day. When practised daily, students have seen improvements not only in their academic abilities, but have felt increased empowerment, confidence and a sense of social responsibility.

Vernon’s one-day program will be taught by qualified instructors. Instruction will be interspersed with supporting activities from stories and discussions to art, crafts and games. A vegetarian lunch and snack will be provided.

Here are some young people’s comments: “I did this course last year and it helped me a lot in my studies.” “I learnt how to focus and keep my mind calm.” “Anapana helps me stay cool.”

For more information about Anapana courses for children visit: or call: 250 542 1551(Vernon) or 250 469 7180 (Kelowna)
There is no charge for this workshop, to be held at the Coldstream Women's Institute Hall, 9909 Kal Lake Road, Tuesday, July 5th from 9am to 4.30p.m. All courses are funded by donations from students who have completed a course.
Pre-register at where there is also information about a course for 13 -15 year old teens August 17th - 18th.


Juris said...

This looks great!

Is anyone else planning on going?

ange said...

What age is this workshop for?

Mary-Sue said...

I think this is the one aimed at kids 8 to 12. I'd love Annika to take it. Heidi is so gentle and intuitive. Annika loves Heidi!