Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meeting tomorrow August 26th and Beach Day Friday the 27th

I just talked to Jill and it looks like there is a meeting tomorrow August 26th at 7pm at Talkin' Donkey. I might even be able to make it, wahoo!

Also, does anyone want to meet at Paddle Wheel Park Beach Friday at noonish? Justin and Ashleigh have a birthday party to attend, but I might be able to come and visit! ;0)


Mary-Sue said...

actually, Caroline, Talkin' Donkey isn't available unless we sit downstairs? I think the meeting will be small so that's a possibility? You must've posting your meeting post when I was posting mine!

Caroline said...

Oh really? Ok, that should work.
I just talked to Kathy and she said she'd be coming. I think downstairs would be ok. :0) :0)

I hope it works out for me to come!

Caroline said...

Beach Day: I'm going to come from 1-3 by myself ;0) (kids will be at a birthday party)

Caroline said...

So I don't know if anyone is going to get this, but I decided to pass on the beach day by myself and go on a date with my hubby ;0) It might be cool anyhow, so not sure how many of yous are even planning on coming?