Friday, March 25, 2011

Acrylic Painting class

Marcie asked me to post this for her. Her friend, Jamie Frazier
is an amazing artist in Enderby and she would be interested in doing some acrylic painting classes with our kids. I know some of us did not have a very good experience at the Vernon Art Centre and mentioned that they would be interested in finding an artist to do some classes with our kids. This is a great opportunity to do that! Marcie says she is amazing with kids and would be incredible.

Jamie says that the classes would be 2 hours each and she will supply everything they would need. She will charge $20/hour, so $40 per class. Marcie was thinking that 5 classes would be good but I know she was going to talk to Jamie and see what she thought. Currently, Jamie teaches out of the space at the United church in Enderby, but if we find a space for the class closer she could probably do it here.

Right now we are just seeing how many people would be interested in doing this, as we would like to start fairly soon. Please comment or email me at to let me know if you would like to do this and I guess also what day, time, and length you wold be looking for.

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