Friday, April 15, 2011

Energyplex Homeschool Drop-In

I am forwarding this from the Kelowna blog:

I have just started as a Supervisor at the EnergyPlex Recreation Center in Kelowna.

The owner is a former home school parent, and has given permission for me to organize a regular home-school drop in session.

The Center is very unique and offers some pretty cool activities, we have a 30ft indoor rock wall with qualified facilitators that are available to belay climbers as they climb and to offer coaching points if needed. We have what we call the Energy Cube which is a huge indoor play ground similar to Jungle Mania in Salmon Arm, a small teaching/fun pool with qualified Red Cross Swim Instructors, a well supplied Cafe/Snack bar and most popular of all is our Gymnastics Gym. The gym is exceptional, and is fully equipped to meet all levels of gymnast and of course we have qualified instructors available. In the gym you will find sunken trampolines, balance beams, a foam dive pit, bars, tons of mats, spring boards and a fully sprung floor.

What I am proposing is a regular three hour drop in session per week. There will be NO lessons however staff will offer "FREE" advice and coaching in swimming, rock climbing and gymnastics but only if asked for and wanted by the kid! There will no formal structure to this session as the main emphasis will be UN-DIRECTED PLAY! All of the facilities will be available for your kids to go nuts on! There may be some time restrictions on certain activities to allow for fairness.

We offer an almost identical session on a Friday night to the general public however as this is a very good deal this session is very busy, also we do not offer the free advice and coaching during these Friday night session. The home school drop in session will be a lot less busy and way less noisy!

So here it is, please accept my invitation to attend the EnergyPlex's Home School Drop In Sessions

Tuesdays from 12 - 3pm
Starting from Tue Apr 19
Cost $9 for discount members
$12 for non members

Please no outside food brought in
Parents are free, up to two parents per kid so yea if there is two kids four adults may enter the facility.

Discount members are entitled to $3 off per person, per drop in visit, on all drop in activities. It also gives you a discount on all other services which if I am honest I can not remember at the moment. The cost of this discount membership is extremely reasonable - it is just $45per family per year! You do the math on this one!

I am genuinely eager to organize and offer quality home school activities for you, I am a parent of three young girls and can assure you my girls are excited. I am also very keen to hear your suggestions for other activities that we may be able to organize and would welcome your suggestions.

To better help me with the launch of this session I would appreciate it if you could show me your interest, no commitment obviously, by sending a reply simply saying you are interested. This is so that I can accurately forecast staffing requirements. Also please direct any initial inquiries to myself via email.

Please forward this email to any one you may feel would be interested
Derek Deans

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