Thursday, April 21, 2011

North Okanagan Meet-up Group formed

I have recently been trying to get on the list to receive emails about Noche's activities and then I received this from Lina. Thought some of you might be interested in signing up for this North Okanagan meet-up group too. (Very similar name to our group)

Hi Everyone.

The leadership team has decided to try to streamline the way we communicate. We have set up a "Meetup" group. This is a web based program where you go to find out what is happening in our area for homeschooling. It is also the new way to post an event, field trip, etc. that you have organized. We will not be using the email list anymore (although I will keep it just in case). If you want to continue to receive notices of upcoming events, then you will have to register on the Meetup. Please go to to sign up. I would recommend placing it on your "favourites" for easy access. There is a calender on this site which you can bring up to see what is happening in the month at a glance. Also, there are several forums that you can participate in.
We are running this web site independenly of NOCHE. Therefore it is not a NOCHE website. We have created this so that all homeschooling families in the North Okanagan can unite and get to know each other. We hope that many new friendships will be formed through this Meetup
We will run NOCHE independently so that we still have our monthly meetings for prayer and support. NOCHE will post those meetings on the Meetup so you will continue to know when and where they are.
As with anything new, there might be glitches at first but if you experience anything, please let us know.
Lina Rogers

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