Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Open studio session at Danial's

Danial Stark a local potter has generously volunteered his studio for children to make a clay pot that he will fire in his ANAGAMA kiln later this spring. This is a rare opportunity as it is the only kiln of its type in the Okanagan. It is a wood-fired kiln and will be fired for about 4 days.

Date and Time: Saturday May 3 from 12-4 pm.
Address: 2905-25th St. (go through gate at the side of the house and you will see the studio in the back yard.
Contact number if you have questions: Danial at 503-0223

I'll be there helping out and I hope that anyone participating will make a donation for the clay. I'll set up a jar or something for these donations as I don't think Danial should be covering the cost of the clay himself.

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