Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Thursday of November -- Meeting?

Several people have asked me about a meeting this week. My kids are sick and I'm going to be away from them on the Friday night so I won't be attending a meeting. But if you ever feel like having a meeting, just find a place to have it and let people know about it. There aren't any "official leaders" in this group and anyone can call a meeting any time! Chances are if you're feeling the need for support then other people are as well! I'm almost always up for a meeting. I know the Talkin' Donkey is booked Thursday nights now, so I don't know how that plays into it, but there must be other good places in town to have a meeting?


Anonymous said...

This weather is turning me into a hermit already! If anyone is into next week I'd be in .. (hoping by then I will be over it)


Kathy said...

Rob will be out of town for a while but I could probably make it to a meeting after Dec 7th. (So not next week but the week after)