Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silver Star Downhill Skiing Invitation

Hello Again......
Well, I have taken your feedback, and along with our family schedule have complied a list of a few alternative ski/boarding dates for Silver Star this year.

Seems the end of the week works well, so we've requested most dates on Fridays. Here they are........

Jan 14th (Fri)
Jan 26th (Wed)
Feb 4th (Fri)
Feb 11th (Fri)
Mar 4th (Fri)
Mar 25th (Fri)

Prices are as follows, and lesson times will be firmed up when we've got all our registrations done. Earlier morning sessions seem to work best for having all the students together at relatively the same time. It worked fairly well when Holly scheduled them at 10am, but we have the option to go at 9:00 am, 11:00 am and noon as well. If you have any input, it's welcome...

Also, as Miracle of Peace stated in her previous e-mails, 2 hour lessons are an option, but it kinda works like this....... either "everyone" from our group is doing a 2 hr lesson on a given day, or a 1hr lesson. But the hill doesn't want it broken up between student in the group. It's kind of a 'hard-stop' administratively speaking, so to make it easy (chances of everyone wanting to pay for the extra hour are slim), for these alternative dates, we'll keep it to 1 hr lessons.

Pricing - per Student
$10.00 1 hr lesson
$ 5.00 lift ticket
$ 7.00 equipment rental (skiing or boarding)

Calculation - total for those with their own equipment = $15.00, and for those who need equipment = $22.00 per day

Pricing - Adults
No Lessons for Adults (we must follow incongnito)
$25.00 lift ticket
$10.00 equipment rental (same)

Pricing - Children under 5
Free lift ticket (but must still obtain a special lift ticket at the hill)
No lessons available (under the school pricing options - but at the hill as a separate offer - lessons are available for younger children)

I will forward the necessary paperwork to fill out when you respond, and can process everything from there.
Email me at kelliemast@... or call 833 5466 with any questions
Have a wonderful week........
Kellie Mast

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